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Notice of the International Conference on“The remedies for the environment pollution victims:The environment justice and legislation”

The world is facing a great challenge for the balance between the economic development and environment pollution, and the law academy has great historical mission and shall assume obligatory responsibility to improve the related laws in this aspect. For this purpose, the project team "EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) The Capacity Building of Environmental Justice and Guarding Environmental Rights in Western China", estalbished by China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing, China) and University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy), decides to hold an international conference on "The remedies for the environment pollution victimsThe environment justice and legislation" in June 2013 at Beijing, China. This conference is designed to invite well-known environment Jurists and Practicers in the environmental legislation, enforcement and justice to participate into this great academic event. The conference information is published as following.

1. Conference time

The conference will be held at 29 and 30, June, 2013.

2. Conference adress

The academic hall of China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing

3. Topics of the conference

1) The definition of environment torts: the remedies for environment pollution victims and the related legislation

2) The problems in the lawsiuts of environment torts, including but not limited to the evidence rules for environment tort, the causality between pollution and damage, the exmption of environment tort liability;

3) The evaluation of the environment damage;

4) Environment tort and social stability, and the socialization of alternative remedies for the environment victims

5) The cross-border environment tort and the relating international law rules

4. Conference fee

The organizer will cover the costs of part of the participants, which will be specified in the invitation letter, covering the transportation, meals, and accommodation.

5. Conference language

Both Chinese and English will be spoken during the conference. And the conference will provide high-end simultaneous Chinese-english interpreters to facilitate the understanding and communication.

6. Conference registration and papers

1) The experts who is interested to participate the conference is obligated to send the following receipt with the required information to the email adress huangjingfxm@163.com, before March 15, 2013.

2) The participants should send the abstract of its own paper (2,000 chinese characters) to the email adress huangjingfxm@163.com, before April 10, 2013.

3) The invited participants should send the finished paper (less than 15,000 chinese characters) to the email adress huangjingfxm@163.com, before May 5, 2013.

7. Contact person

Doctor Liu Shunyu, 13911775872.

Doctor Wang Yufei, 18810465646.

Master Chen Fanhong, 18810373347

Project team


The receipt for the International Conference on

The remedy for the environment pollution victimsThe environment justice and legislation






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Title of the Paper


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